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Open Educational Resources (OER): Mathematics

Mathematics Textbooks

Supplemental Materials

MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive

An award-winning site concerning the history of mathematics. In-depth coverage of numerous people, topics, mathematical curves, and more. Extensively cross-linked; powerful search engine. Rich and growing source of materials.

Algebra Study Guide with Videos is a free online algebra study guide and problem solver designed to supplement any algebra course. There are hundreds of solved problems, video solutions, sample test questions, worksheets, and interactives.   

Visual Calculus: Applications of Integration

A collection of tutorials (Flash and Java) on various applications of integration including area between two curves, volumes, arc length, work and centers of mass.

Programming in C

An introductory website that covers the key features of the C language and its usage. The first five chapters help in thoroughly understanding the C syntax. The latter chapters focus on more complex concepts of the C language.