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Welcome to the Financial Literacy Online Guide


Over the past several months, Middle Georgia State University Students were asked to submit videos with their personal finance questions.  We asked three finance experts to have a panel discussion and directly answer students questions.  The video is to the right and can be viewed by anyone logged into their Outlook account.  Questions include the major topics of:

  • Saving & Budgeting
  • Credit & Debt
  • Loans
  • Planning for Retirement
  • Investing
  • Making major purchases

Thanks to our three panelists for sharing their knowledge.  Dr. Harry McAlum, professor in the College of Business at MGA's Macon Campus, Robert McAllister, Financial Aid Advisor at MGA's Cochran campus, and Joshua Ivey, Financial Planner with the Piedmont Group in Macon, GA shared some great information and advice with students.

3 Expert Panelists Answer MGA Student Questions about Personal Finance


Finance Books at MGA Libraries


"I Don't Want to Die Poor" Podcast With Michael Arceneaux


Young writer Michael Arceneaux talks on NPR about student struggles with finances and more.                                                                                            

Author Tamsen Butler Answers Student Finance Questions


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478-374-6833 for the Eastman campus library | 478-929-6804 for the Warner Robins campus library | On the Go? Text-A-Librarian: 478-285-4898

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