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Horticulture Collection

Mission Statement

The Horticulture Collection is a specialized collection within the Middle Georgia State University Library. Its purpose is to make available an historical accounting of horticultural, agricultural, and landscaping materials for the middle and southern Georgia regions during the 19th and latter half of the 18th centuries, as well as more contemporary sources. This collection is a community resource, designed to advance the knowledge, awareness, and understanding of the natural beauty, richness, and diversity of flora of the area.

Collection Location

The Horticulture collection is housed in the Special Collections Room on the second floor of the Macon Campus Library and is available to anyone wishing access to these resources.

For more information please call the Macon campus library at 478-471-2709.

Oldest Book

The oldest book in the Horticulture collection, published in 1636, is The Herball: or general historie of plantes by John Gerard.


Click here for a list of books donated by donated by Waddell Barnes, M.D. September 2014.


Click here for a list of books donated by Richard S. George--Lifetime master gardener emeritus--Recipient, first annual award for horticultural achievement Waddell Barnes Botanical Gardens, 2001.

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