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English 3900 - Contemporary Drama

Website Evaluation


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Know Your Domains


.com-- commercial: These are the majority of websites. This domain is used by for profit companies (McDonalds, Apple, Microsoft, Nike) Organizations using this domain are typically trying to sell something.

.org-- organization: This is used by not for profit companies. (NPR, churches, charities). These typically have information, but may have an ulterior motive or a bias in the information they present.

.gov-- government: These domains are reserved for government agencies (Department of Natural resources, Library of Congress, IRS). The information found on these websites is reliable.

.edu-- education: This domain is restricted to educational institutions. (,, The information here is also reliable.

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478-471-2709 for the Macon campus library | 478-934-3179 for the Roberts Memorial Library at the Cochran campus | 478-275-6772 for the Dublin campus library

478-374-6833 for the Eastman campus library | 478-929-6804 for the Warner Robins campus library | On the Go? Text-A-Librarian: 478-285-4898

Middle Georgia State University Library

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