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Literary Theory: Literary Theory

A guide to literary theory, schools of criticism, and associated resources.

What is literary criticism?

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Literary criticism is the interpretation or analysis of a literary work. Check out the ipl2's pathfinder for more information.

ipl2 Literary Criticism Pathfinder

Journals focused on literary theory

Diacritics focuses on debates about literary theories.

Essays in Criticism presents articles on English literature from the Middle Ages to the present. Also contains book reviews.

New Literary History examines the ways that literature and criticism change.

Paragraph: The Journal of the Modern Critical Theory Group considers critical theory on a general level and in its application to literature and other arts.

Using GALILEO you can find these journals by clicking the tab "Journals A-Z" and searching for the journal by name.  

Literary Theory and Criticism

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Curious about literary theory? The books below can give you a great overview. 

NOTE:   If you are looking for general critical articles, or looking for supporting criticism for an essay, you can and should skip ahead to the "Find Articles" page

Reference Books


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