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HUMN 1002- Cater: How to use Credo Reference

Resources to assist in the research necessary for course assignments in HUMN 1002: Perspectives on Society in Film

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What is Credo Reference?

Credo Reference is an online reference collection, and it features full-text content from hundreds of reference books covering a broad range of subjects. It's a search engine like Google, but instead of searching the entire Internet, your results come from a comprehensive library of trusted reference sources without advertisements, clutter, or irrelevant hits. With Credo Reference, you get content from hundreds of reference books covering every major subject. There are over 3 million entries, 200,000+ images (art,diagrams, maps and photos), and over 100,000 audio pronunciation files and sound clips. The content is enriched by a network of cross-reference links that cut across topics and titles to give you accurate, contextual results.

  • Coverage Dates: 2007 to Present
  • Update Frequency: Ongoing
  • Audience: General, students, research

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