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ECSE 3800: Designing Interdisciplinary Curriculum

Resources for Designing Interdisciplinary Curriculum

Keywords/Call numbers

Most public libraries and K-12 libraries use the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) system to organize books by subject area.  This will look different than the Library of Congress (LC) classification system that you may be used to using at college and university libraries like ours.  To learn more about the Dewey Decimal Classification System you can find some helpful resources at:

Luckily, in this case, you can use the same subject terms to find books on this topic in both book catalogs (GIL for the college and PINES for the public library).

Non-Fiction books in the public and K-12 libraries that use the DDC will generally be found in the same Dewey Decimal areas in both juvenile and adult areas.

Fiction books will be shelved by the first three letters of the authors last name, but can be found by using the keyword search with the subject term of your topic.

Additional public library search tools

PINES kids catalog home page

PINES Kids Catalog Home Page: 

Contact a Campus:

478-471-2709 for the Macon campus library | 478-934-3179 for the Roberts Memorial Library at the Cochran campus | 478-275-6772 for the Dublin campus library

478-374-6833 for the Eastman campus library | 478-929-6804 for the Warner Robins campus library | On the Go? Text-A-Librarian: 478-285-4898

Middle Georgia State University Library

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