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eBook Central (ProQuest eBooks on Mobile Devices)


How do I view eBook Central eBooks on my mobile device?


While there is no official Ebook Central app, but you can search, check out, view, and return Ebook Central eBooks all from within the Bluefire Reader App. This FAQ serves as a document on how to check out eBooks using the Bluefire Reader App.

Before setting up the Bluefire App, you will need to do the following:

Next, Use the Links Below to Download the Bluefire Reader App:

Download the Bluefire Reader App

Authenticate using Adobe ID (used for DRM management)

  • Enter your Adobe ID and password.
  • Click “Authorize.”

After obtaining the account information and installing the Bluefire Reader App, follow these steps to search and download an eBook:

  1. Using your mobile device’s web browser, access Ebook Central through the GALILEO portal ( or using the Express Link:
  2. You will now be prompted to enter your GALILEO password.
  3. After entering your GALILEO password, you will be taken to Ebook Central. From here, click on the “Sign In” on the top-right of the page to create an Ebook Central account if you do not have one or log-in using your Ebook Central account information.
  4. After logging into your Ebook Central account, you will be able to search for a book. Once you’ve found the book you’d like to download, click on the download icon to the right-side of the eBook’s title.
  5. Select what type of device you’re using and if the device you’re using is private or public.
  6. If you haven’t downloaded installed the Bluefire Reader App select “Get Bluefire Reader.” If you have, select “Done with this step.”
  7. To download the eBook to your device, select “Download Your Book.”
  8. Once your eBook has downloaded, you should see a message stating “Download successful!”

Note: After your eBook checkout expires, the eBook file will still be on your device but cannot be opened. You must remove the file manually by opening Bluefire Reader app and selecting to remove it from your library.

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