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Ebooks & Mobile Apps

Downloading EBSCO eBooks

  • Most of the MGA Libraries' eBooks are from EBSCOhost.  They can usually be checked out and downloaded to use offline or read directly online via a pdf.
  • Choose which kind of device you want to read your books on.
    • An Android device: Samsung, Google Pixel, Motorola
    • An Apple device: iPhone, iPad
    • A computer
    • An e-reader, like a Nook or a Kindle
    • EBSCO's eBook Mobile App

*Be aware that other eBook suppliers may not use the same instructions as EBSCO for mobile devices.

Before you begin, you may need:


Download the Adobe Digital Editions App from your device's app store:

Please note: The Overdrive app is recommended for Kindle Fire tablet and Chromebook users. Adobe Digital Editions is not supported by Chromebook OS. 

Create an Adobe ID

If you have previously created an Adobe ID to download and read EBSCO eBooks with Adobe Digital Editions on your desktop computer, you already have an Adobe ID you can use to authorize the Adobe Digital Editions app.

Note: You must authorize the Adobe Digital Editions app with your Adobe ID.

Authorize Adobe Digital Editions App with your Adobe ID

Before you download an eBook to Adobe Digital Editions, you must authorize the app with your Adobe ID.

Please note: You will only need to authorize the Adobe Digital Editions app with your Adobe ID once. After this has been done, you will only need to tap Download any time you wish to download and read an eBook on your device.

To Authorize the App:

  1. Open the Adobe Digital Edition app from your device's applications menu.

  2. Tap the Settings menu icon in the upper-left and tap Settings.

  3. Tap Authorize and enter your Adobe ID and password in the fields provided.

    Note: Leave the default eBook Vendor selected as Adobe ID.

  4. Tap Authorize.

Your device is now authorized to read EBSCO eBooks.

Instructions updated March 9, 2021 by EBSCOConnect Knowledge Base.

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478-374-6833 for the Eastman campus library | 478-929-6804 for the Warner Robins campus library | On the Go? Text-A-Librarian: 478-285-4898

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