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Open Textbooks- Engineering Technology



Supplemental Open Access Resources



Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics Software

-This site makes available some software developed by the faculty and students in the Civil Engineering Division of the Department of Civil and Mechanical Engineering, United States Military Academy, West Point, NY. Intended for use in undergraduate engineering education, three software programs that can be downloaded are: CME-Truss, a general-purpose truss analysis program, the Visual Stress Transfromer, an animated stress-transformation visualization program and Trebuchect for Windows, simulation software for the dynamic analysis of a medieval siege catapult. The West Point Bridge Designer is also available.

Computer Architecture Tutorial

- This tutorial introduces undergraduate students to computer architecture concepts. It contains many examples that give students basic problems and solutions to help them understand the basic concepts.

Computer Fraud Challenge

- The Computer Fraud Challenge is based on the television show Hollywood Squares. Contestants agree or disagree with responses provided by game celebrities.  The activity illustrates a variety of hacking and social engineering techniques that compromise confidential information, as well as malware that harms computers.

Games for Basic Electronics Skills

- Fourteen Flash games to help students learn some basic electronics knowledge and skills, such as resistor color codes, engineering prefixes, binary-hex conversions, electrical units and abbreviations, Greek alphabet, capacitor codes, schematic symbols, multimeter operation, and oscilloscope operation.

The Higher Education Academy: Engineering Subject Centre

- This one year project, in partnership with the JISC, will form both a static and a linked, self-sustaining dynamic collection of Open Educational Resources relating to Low-Carbon Engineering practices.

Writing Guidelines for Engineering and Science Students

- From the author: "These guidelines are designed to help you, the engineering or science student, perform writing assignments in your laboratory, design, and technical communication classes. In these guidelines, you will find discussions of several common documents in engineering writing and scientific writing."