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Teaching Psychology

From the University Instructional Development Project of the Graduate School of the University of South Carolina--we bring you teaching advice from the experts! Whatever your experience level, you're sure to learn something here that will boost your teaching skills.


APA Undergraduate Education Resources

APA offers undergraduate psychology faculty and departments tools to improve classroom teaching, evaluate program quality and construct curricula. As one of the most popular undergraduate majors, psychology can prepare students to be successful in many different careers — from the social sciences to business and beyond.


Criminal Justice

Frontline Teacher Center

A collection of lesson plans and activities to accompany FRONTLINE documentaries in the classroom.


Africana Studies

Africana Studies at Merlot

A variety of Africana Studies resources available through the Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching. 



A Comprehensive Outline of World History

Each chapter covers a period of historical time (e.g. a century). Sections within chapters describe what was going on in every geographical region of the world; each section provides a reference for that region in the subsequent chapter, i.e. in the next time period. The reader can thus get a snapshot of the entire world at a point in time by reading one chapter, or can follow the history of a region through time by linking to sections in successive chapters. 

Reading, Writing, and Researching for History: A Guide for College Students

Writing, and Researching for History: A Guide for College Students by Patrick Rael (Bowdoin College, 2004), is a straightforward university-level introduction to crafting history papers. The book familiarizes students with primary and secondary sources in history, offers an understanding of the formal argument in historical studies, outlines the rudiments of producing research papers, and assists students with the foundations of organizing the basic history research term paper. The text book also reviews historical writing, explains the use and documentation of scholarly sources, and guides learners through the editing process.