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Project Management

A structured guide highlighting resources to help complete the assignments associated with Project Management courses at Middle Georgia State University.

The Purpose of this Guide


The purpose of this guide is to provide you with a selection of resources related to the theories and concepts of project management.  Each section contains tools, theories and concepts that are key to managing projects--with a specific emphasis on Information Technology projects.  


Project management (PM) refers to the management and control of projects and temporary organizations. Generally speaking, managing a project concerns a task to be completed with a limited set of resources—be it personnel, material, or financial resources—and within a certain period.

Lundin, R. A. (2008). Project Management. In S. Clegg, & J. R. Bailey, International encyclopedia of organization studies. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications. Retrieved from


Use these keywords to find case studies and other academic articles related to Project Management.  

Keywords Project Management
"Project management" "agile methodology"  tools OR techniques
"digital project management" "agile environment" OR "agile teams" "best practices" OR guidelines
leadership OR management "agile development framework" approach OR strategy OR method
stakeholder non-agile framework OR methodology
corporate culture

capacity planning

scope OR goal OR objective
organizational culture "resource management" collaborate OR cultivate 
business culture communication proactive
"cultural differences" "time management" OR "decision making" adaptive OR flexible
(women OR gender) AND "project management" "AI" OR "artificial intelligence" implementation OR implement 
"women in project management" "IoT" OR "Internet of things" risk OR "project risk"
"enterprise project management" "case study" OR "case studies"



Search Tip: A good way to find case studies is with a keyword search. Try adding “case study” OR “case studies” to your search.

Example: “project management” AND (“case study“ OR “case studies”)

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